SUPERCAR TRACKING - GPS Tracking for Awesome Automobiles™


What is GPS Tracking?

Arthur C Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and you have probably already experienced this with GPS navigation. But that’s not all GPS can do for you. The Global Positioning System is a global utility, operated by the US Defense Department, which broadcasts data that can be used to determine location. Supercar Tracking’s GPS tracking devices use the GPS system to determine the location and current speed of your car and then send that information over mobile broadband networks to our system. Our system processes the incoming data and makes it available to you through our web and smartphone-based mapping dashboard. Our system also responds to conditions you set such as geofences (see below) or vehicle speed to alert you to the activity of your vehicle. Just like magic.
How do I install a tracking device in my car?

Supercar Tracking gives you two option for installing a tracking device: “Plug & Play,” and “Hardwired.”
Plug & Play devices simply plug into your ODB-II diagnostic port (available in all vehicles since 1996) and it will start sending location reports that you can view in your online dashboard.
Hardwired devices require a simple “three-wire” installation. Any car audio installer can do it quickly and easily and we provide full instructions. If you are comfortable working with auto electronics you can probably do it yourself.
Does Supercar Tracking require a visible antenna and can I conceal the GPS tracking unit?

Supercar Tracking GPS units do not require an external antenna. The “Plug & Play” units are typically plugged in under the dash. Hardwired units can be discretely installed under the dashboard or seat.
Do I need to purchase a wireless data plan?

No. Supercar Tracking plans include the cost of wireless data service is in the subscription fee.
What is GeoFencing?

Geofencing allows you to define a virtual area on a digital map that corresponds to a geographic area in the real world. You can then set conditions that will generate alerts to you, including when your car leaves or enters a geofence or spends a certain amount of time either inside or outside of a geofence.

Examples of how you would use genofences include:

  • Create a geofence around your home and set an alert for every time your car leaves the area. This can tell you if there is unauthorized use of your car. We call this the “Bueler Buster,” in reference to a day of unauthorized use of a classic Ferrari as seen in the movie “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”

  • Create a geofence around your office or commuter lot. This can provide an “early warning system” that your car has been stolen. Face it, only you should be able to drive it like you stole it.

  • Create a geofence around the valet lots of your favorite restaurants to alert you to “joyriding” by valets who know that they don’t have so many chances to get behind the wheel of truly exceptional cars.

What are real-time alerts?

Real-time alerts are messages sent to your phone or email when something you want to know about happens with your car. You configure your real-time alerts on the Supercar Tracking website. Most of the time, you’ll be at the wheel when your car leaves the garage, but don’t you want to know about those times when you’re not? Or document when your car reaches a certain speed, whether you are driving or not. These are just two of your options with real-time alerts.
What is “Breadcrumb” history tracking?

We all know the story of Hansel and Gretel in which Gretel dropped a trail of breacrumbs to mark the path out of the forest. That didn’t work out as planned, but GPS breadcrumb tracking is a reliable means of recording your car’s travel history. Every time your tracking unit sends out a “ping” with its location and speed, it is stored in our system. You can call up your breadcrumb history by date and time ranges, run reports, export “breadcrumb trails” as KML files for sharing or viewing in Google Earth and even use “VCR-style” controls to replay your breadcrumb trails on the map.
What are live tracker links for authorities?

Odds are, your car will never be stolen, but if the unthinkable happens, live tracker links allow you give the authorities visibility into your car’s current location and travel history. You can send the live tracker link to any email and it provides full map view and breadcrumb history that can help the authorities zero in on your vehicle’s location.

Live tracker links can also be used with family, friends and other associates to give them updates on your travels. Simply send a link and they will be able to follow your progress. And you can set links to expire so your location can be seen only when you want.
Where does Supercar Tracking work?

Our tracking dashboard can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone in the world with an Internet connection. Vehicle location reports are sent by our tracking devices as long as they have cellular coverage.
Will Supercar Tracking lower my insurance rate?

Depending on the insurance company, a discount may be available for Anti-Theft devices which the Supercar Tracking service can qualify as. Ask your insurance agent or carrier to see if they provide an anti-theft device discount.
Insurance Companies Offering Anti-Theft Device Discounts*

AAA Insurance
Liberty Mutual
AIG Insurance
Mercury Insurance
Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL)
Nationwide Insurance (CA)
ALFA Insurance (AL)
Progressive Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Safeco Insurance
Fireman’s Fund
USAA Insurance
21st Century Insurance
Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance (GA)

States with Mandated Anti-theft Device Discounts**
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
New Jersey

* Discount percentages usually apply to comprehensive coverage and vary by state. Each insurance carrier has its own underwriting guidelines and not all applicants will qualify.
** As reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Discount percentages vary by state. Each insurance carrier has its own underwriting guidelines and not all applicants will qualify.
Do I need to purchase a wireless data plan?

No. Supercar Tracking plans include the cost of wireless data service is in the subscription fee.
How do I add additional family cars to my account?

If you are setting up a new account, simply order enough trackers and service subscriptions for all of the vehicles you want to track. If you want to add additional vehicles to an existing account, just order the tracker(s) and service subscription(s). Then, send us your confirmation email and include the login name for your account. We will then add the new vehicles to you existing account.
What is the Supercar Tracking 30-day money back guarantee?

If the GPS tracking device is returned within 30 days, you will receive a full refund - minus a $25 per unit restocking fee - for the hardware only. No credits for the monthly subscription fee, or shipping. After 30 days, no returns will be accepted.
I want to track a fleet of vehicles - can you help?

Electric Compass delivers full featured GPS tracking for fleets and mobile workforces.