SUPERCAR TRACKING - GPS Tracking for Awesome Automobiles™


Desktop - Smartphone

Desktop/Laptop/Tablet See Travel History or "Breadcrumb Trail"

Follow these steps display the "breadcrumb" trail of your car for a specified date-range:
1.  Log in and click on the tracking tab

2. Above the list on the left column, click on the history tab
click on the history tab
3. Choose a date range and then click on the hourglass icon
choose a date range
4. Check the boxes to the right of the vehicle name to view the day or days for which you would like to see the travel history
Check the dates
5. Your "breadcrumb trail" of travel history will be shown on the map. Use the zoom controls to zoom in on the map
View History
6. Use the "VCR" controls to show an animated replay of your vehicle's travel. Click on "show points" to see all "pings" that system has recorded
User the VCR controls to replay travel
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Smartphone Browser

Follow these steps to log in from a computer or a tablet in "desktop" view.
1. Log in on your smartphone

2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon to the right of your vehicle name
click on the magnifier icon
 3) Click on "Last Position"
4. Choose the number of previous positions you'd like to display and tap "Done"
Choose number of positions to display
5. You will see the "breadcrumb trail" of travel history for your car
Breadcrumb Trail