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Set Up Alerts

Alerts warn you that an event has occurred.

Alerts can be created for the entire group (if you have multiple vehicles) or just one car. When an alert occurs it can be sent to multiple email addresses or a mobile phone. The alert can also be displayed on the map with a unique icon. In addition, a Pop-Up Box can be shown on the screen requiring either an Option or Required Response.

To set up an alert:

1. Click on the “Dashboard” tab.

2. Click on “Group Name,” usually your name

3. Click on the “Setup Alerts” tab

Alert Setup Screen

4. Select a Trigger

The Select a Trigger section is where you choose the alert that you want to setup.  An * next to a trigger name means the alert has already been setup.

5. Configuration and Schedule

The Configuration and Schedule section is for setting the alert schedule. It is also where you set the speed threshold for the Excessive Speed and Geofence Speed alerts.

6. Schedule Days: select the days and times that you want the alert to be active. For example, if you select Monday through Friday, and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, then the alert will only be generated during those times. Any activity outside of that time frame will not generate an alert.

7. Ignore Duplicate Alerts Within Minutes: if this field is set then any duplicate alerts generated within the time frame will not be generated. Use this feature if an activity might generate multiple alerts within a short time period.

8. Display Options

The Display Options section is where you choose how you want the alerts to appear.

9. Display Type: select how the alert will appear on the screen. See the Display Type Options below for a description of each one.

10. Show Zoom Button: select if the Zoom Button will be visible for the Alert.

11. Alert Image: choose the icon that you want to represent the alert.

12. Alert Sound: choose the alert sound you want the user to hear when an alert is triggered.

13. Repeat Sound: choose this option if you want the sound to repeat.


The Delivery section is used to set an email address if you want the alert to be delivered to an email address or mobile phone.

14. Email Address: enter the email address where you want the alert delivered to. If you do not want the alert delivered via email just leave the text-box empty. The alert will still be logged in the system. To enter multiple e-mail addresses, use a semi-colon between each one.

15. Subject: subject of the email that is delivered.

16. Body: body of the email that is delivered.

17. Mobile Phone: enter a mobile phone number in the Delivery field in the following format(and you can enter multiple emails and/or mobile phone numbers by inserting a semi-colon between each):

User the following “CARRIER ADDRESS” based on your mobile phone carrier as follows:

AT&T – for example: 

Verizon for example: 

 Sprint for example:

T-Mobile for example:

US Cellular - for example: 

Virgin Mobile – for example: 

Alltel Wireless – for example: 

If you don’t see your mobile phone provider, contact us


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